Exclusive services



Incorporation of companies (Anonymous and / or Limited Liability), modification of the articles of incorporation, transformation of companies, mergers, dissolution and liquidation of companies, commercial negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts, transfer of shares, preparation of corporate minutes, constitution of surety.

Legal Audits (Due Diligence)

In labor and corporate matters.

Conciliation and Arbitration

We provide an effective, timely solution and legal defense between the arbitration and conciliation courts.

Specialized advice to companies

Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada S.R.L., Sociedades Anónimas S.A., Accidental Companies, NGO Foundations.

Intellectual property

Trademark Registrations, Industrial Property (Distinctive Signs and Patents of Invention) and Copyrights.

Labor law and social security

Modalities of hiring personnel, affiliations, and records before social entities, short and long-term insurance, specialized labor consultancy and labor audits.


Advice on immigration issues to obtain visas and permanence.

Litigation and portfolio recovery

Comprehensive and effective advice in relation to the execution and collection of debts and unfulfilled obligations by its debtors.

Civil and Family

We provide legal assistance in contractual matters, debt recovery, attention to family processes, divorces, family assistance, constitution of family assets and others.

Customs and Financial Tax

Specialized advice on tax, customs and financial issues.